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Welcome! Group Rules

Meet, draw and enjoy the Anthropomorphic Community!
We offer, help, critique, tutorials and a nice place for members to submit their art.

Everyone is welcome into this group, the more the merrier! Only click on the upper left button "Join" and its done!

Artists who out stand either on their art or on their participation in this group will be featured for 2 whole weeks! You can find the Featured Artist on Anthro Nexus Front page.

Requesting Help
If you need help with your pics or desire to receive constructive criticism, please add the group's icon on your submission's description along with a specific question you'd like for us to answer. Or simply specify you are looking for critique! We'll try to answer your request as soon as possible if you post it to the critique folder! (If you have a DA/official critique request on the image, we will accept this as well.)

Currently Unavailable. Though if you still wish to contribute, we are grateful for anything you might offer. (subscriptions, Points, etc.)

Submitting Art
Every member has the option of submitting their anthropomorphic work to the Anthro Nexus gallery for everyone to see and enjoy. When submitting your work you will see many different categories. If you are not sure about the category your pic fits into you may read the "Folder Guidelines" in one of the sections below.

Global Rules for Submitting:

:bulletred: Only finished* works are accepted, except for the "Requesting Critique" Folder on where you may submit your works in progress. Read bellow how to request help. (*Finished work pertains to work that is coloured. Finished works that are "sketches" are not considered finished to us. Grayscale images that are sketchy but have decent effort in shading/detail may be accepted if the maids think it is ok!)

:bulletred: It has to be biped anthropomorphic art. The only exception would be the occasional aquatic/finned anthro or Anthro/animal Taur BUT that is up to the maids to decide. Human characters with animal ears and tails (kemonomimi) are not accepted here. Submissions featuring ANY non-anthro (ie humans, kemonomimi, animals) are not accepted, even if an anthro is the main focus of the picture. It keeps our submission loads smaller and gives our group a focus. We will also allow certain props like plushies in our pictures as long as they LOOK like actual plushies and not a real animal. (and are not the focus of the image unless its a -living plushie- character.)

:bulletred: Only 2 submissions per week to avoid over flood.

:bulletred: Do not submit artwork to the featured folder, only the maids can choose the artwork that will be featured in the group.

:bulletred: Do Not submit work that is done on lined paper or is photographed unless it is an Integral part of the picture. We require that images be 'cleaned' up before submitting.

:bulletred: Deviations found "In Storage" Will be removed to make room for others~ :3

Folder Guidlines

Artwork Collection
-Our main Folder
-Coloured Work ONLY! (This is what we feel constitutes as finished work.)

Member reference sheets
-YOUR personal characters ONLY (Not for commissions!)
-Must have at LEAST 1 full body portrait in the image
-Must be CLEAR and the character must be the focus.
-We are not accepting full art pieces as ref sheets unless the character is really clear and is the main focus.
-WILL accept ref sheets with multiple forms (including human) provided there is a CLEAR anthro form.

Requesting Critiques
-WIPS/Sketches Accepted here ONLY! (But you must be willing to get critique!)
-PLEASE put our group icon and what you want critiqued in the description of the image so we know what you want critiqued.
-Artwork will be removed if a finished version is uploaded or you do not have the above in your description.
-(If you have a DA/official critique request on the image, we will accept this as well.)
-If the rules arent met when you submit, the submission will be DECLINED right off the bat. No more reminders.

-Finished Memes
-Nothing 18+
-Characters featured must be anthro.

-Clean lineart
-Sketch like lineart may be declined
-Images on lined paper will be declined
-Shadowy photo's will be declined

-Anything that will aid others in artwork
-How to's, etc
-Even non anthro tutorials WILL be accepted because knowledge is power! :D

-Templates for the following:
Ref Sheets
Free lineart

-Written work goes here
-Comic pages go here

-Sonic style or fan characters go here
-Poke/digi morphs go here (MUST be fully anthro! No Human Gijinka's!)
-All fanart or fan characters or characters cosplaying as (Or inspired by) games, moves, tv, books, etc go here (grayscale, coloured, etc!)
-Only exception is if its mature. Then it belongs in the Mature Folder.

Grayscale Work
-Grayscale and monochrome artwork
-Still need to be FINISHED pieces of work. (shaded, etc)

Mature Work
-MUST BE FINISHED WORK (Coloured or grayscale and detailed!)
-We might ask excessive blood or questionable/sensitive topics to be put here as well
-if the characters' bits/privates are showing (By this i mean nipples and between the leg parts!) Post it here. (DOESN'T Need to be here otherwise!)

-For all ANTHRO NEXUS contest submissions and prizes.
-Please submit to appropriate contest folder!
-This is not for other group or individual contests. Thanks!

Anthro Nexus's Maids
-Maid References
-More to come~ :3




Anthro Nexus Founder Maid


Anthro Nexus Maids




Gallery Folders

We are looking for more mods to help us run this group.  As i am sure some of you have noticed, we have been a bit slow to accept submissions and in some cases, they even expire before we can. This is due to the fact that we have three active mods (now two as one has resigned but is helping out until we find more staff.) We have a few mods who pop in every few weeks, but that is about it. We are running on a skeleton crew with busier lives everyday and it is hard to keep up.

We haven't had contests in a long time and we would love to see active mods hosting events and contests. : ) We just simply haven't had the time to organize and put one together in what little free time we have. Come join the team and help us make this group even better! We love all your creative minds and if we can find some awesome team players who have a little more spare time on their hands then we do, it would be epic! We think with more hands on board, we could make this group much more active. (We spend most of our time accepting/declining submissions and asking people to read the rules/move submissions that we just do not get a chance to talk about contests and organize anything. With more hands to split the work, we would have more times to engage with this group much more and give you guys what you deserve~)

We are looking for:
:bulletred: five (or more) new maids/butlers
:bulletred: you must know the rules of this group. MUST. (Front page for all to see: )
You will be accepting deviations to the group, and you'll have to know if they're going to the proper folder, if they abide the group rules, etc. If you don't know the rules yet, familiriaze yourself with them before asking for a position as a maid/butler.
:bulletred: We do not want changes to be made for this group (rules and whatnot, as we have recently made some changes and they are working well.) If you become a mod, it will of course be up for discussion, but this is NOT what we're looking for at this time so please do not expect a million changes to be made. (We listen to concerns from our members and mods, just keep in mind that we have a focus for this group and if you don't approve of how things are run, feel free to give feedback, but we will not guarantee change if it is just one persons laments versus the entire group liking what we do.)
:bulletred: We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, and would have the time and interest to help us run the group.
:bulletred: If you are chosen as a mod, you'll be on board for a month on a trial period, in which the current active maids will watch your progress. We are pretty easy going people, we just want to make sure that we all can work together well, people are nice to one another and that we can all understand the rules and have a mature discussion when we need to make decisions based on images that are in gray areas of the rules.

To apply, please note us with the following:
:bulletred:Qualifications/Why you would make a good mod:
:bulletred:What days you are most active and during what times:
:bulletred:Time Zone:
:bulletred:Concerns/comments you may have:

~Nexus Founder
More Journal Entries

Featured Artists

:bulletyellow: Here is a list of all the featured artists in the group::bulletyellow:

Previous features: :iconshadowhog::iconjesonite::iconkayikoni::iconchevi::icontassy::iconuriko44::iconcrystalmew::iconnapkit::iconvic-d-salo::iconstelaris::iconrynies::iconalimika::iconkinasaur::iconrishi-chan::iconmoomanibe::iconwhitephox::iconjawzdawg::iconnoxypia::iconjeniak::iconcerena::iconblackbeastbaaron::icontysontan::iconhoshiberry::icondragoon86::icontuonenkalla:

Current: :icondeyvarah:

Featured Artist

Featured Artist:
(updated by Temrin on 9/12/2014)

The Mountain Sage by DeyVarahSemper Fi #2 - Welcome to Semper Fi by DeyVarahSemper Fi! by DeyVarahLonesong by DeyVarah

(Features will roll monthly, chosen by the maids!)

Our Mascot
Anthro NeXus: Entry 2010 by EvyCrystal

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