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Welcome! Group Rules

Meet, draw and enjoy the Anthropomorphic Community!
We offer, help, critique, tutorials and a nice place for members to submit their art.

Everyone is welcome into this group, the more the merrier! Only click on the upper left button "Join" and its done!

Artists who out stand either on their art or on their participation in this group will be featured for 2 whole weeks! You can find the Featured Artist on Anthro Nexus Front page.

Requesting Help/Critique
Looking for help or critique on an image you are drawing? Then please check out this journal (COMING SOON) and post your image to the journal and what you are looking to get critique on. Some maids might offer redlines so if this is what you want please as for that specifically.

Currently available. We have a points donation on :icontemrin:'s page available to purchase a premium group upgrade.

Submitting Art
Every member has the option of submitting their anthropomorphic work to the Anthro Nexus gallery for everyone to see and enjoy. When submitting your work you will see many different categories. If you are not sure about the category your pic fits into you may read the "Folder Guidelines" in one of the sections below.

Global Rules for Submitting:

:bulletred: Only finished* works are accepted. (*Finished work pertains to work that is coloured or grayscale. Finished works that are "sketches" are not considered finished to us. Grayscale images that are sketchy but have decent effort in shading/detail may be accepted if the maids think it is ok!)

:bulletred: We are a group for biped/two legged anthros with the occassional exception for Taurs and aquatic/marine anthros. Human characters with animal ears and tails (kemonomimi/ "cat girls or boys") are not accepted here. Submissions featuring ANY non-anthro (ie humans, kemonomimi, animals) will only be accepted if there is an anthro character as the main focus. It is up to the maids to decide if it belongs or not!

:bulletred: Only 2 submissions per week to avoid over flood.

:bulletred: Do not submit artwork to the featured folder, only the maids can choose the artwork that will be featured in the group.

:bulletred: Do Not submit work that is done on lined paper or is photographed unless it is an Integral part of the picture. We require that images be 'cleaned' up before submitting.

:bulletred: Deviations found "In Storage" Will be removed to make room for others~ :3

:bulletred: Literature CAN be submitted but please keep in mind that they end up in the queue for much longer then visual art as we have to find time to read, confirm there are clearly described anthro characters and that the content follows DA's rules and ours. Often times they EXPIRE because we get too many submissions to go through.

:bulletred: Mature content is put up at the mods discretion. If we feel the subject matter is not suited for the group, it may violate DA's rules or the content is cropped or unclear, then it may not be accepted!

Folder Guidlines

-Artists who out stand either on their art or on their participation in this group will be featured for 2 whole weeks! You can find the Featured Artist on Anthro Nexus Front page.
-This is for the Maids/Mods to use!

Anthro Nexus' Maids
-Maid References
-More to come~ :3

Art Collection
-Our main Folder
-Coloured Work ONLY! (This is what we feel constitutes as finished work.)

Grayscale and Monochrome
-Grayscale and monochrome artwork
-Still need to be FINISHED pieces of work. (shaded, etc)

-Must be cleaned up lineart
-No sketches!

Mature work
-MUST BE FINISHED WORK (Coloured or grayscale/monochrome!)
-We might ask excessive blood or questionable/sensitive topics to be put here as well
-if the characters' bits/privates are showing (This includes very obvious or protruding nipples through shirts) Post it here.
-Some censored images or cropped images may not be accepted.
-Mature work is up to the discretion of the mods as we have to follow DA's rules.

Memes and tutorials
-Memes but be finished, nothing 18+ and must feature an anthro character.
-tutorials can be about anything! (even non anthro.)

-For all ANTHRO NEXUS contest submissions and prizes.
-Please submit to appropriate contest folder!
-This is not for other group or individual contests. Thanks!




Anthro Nexus Founder Maid


Anthro Nexus Maids




Gallery Folders

The end of the year approaches! Know what that means? Another year of improving your craft.

This is not a contest but a community share project i would like to propose from now until the end of January!

Share some of your first artworks on DA (or that you can find) and your favorite piece from 2015! Be sure to state the years they were created!

Everyone starts somewhere and its neat to see how much we have grown! No matter how long you have been drawing and even if you just picked up drawing this year, thats okay! All are welcome!

It is never too late to start being creative! You can post drawings, crafts, etc. Anything creative as long as it follow DA's rules!


Temrin's Improvement Meme Example


[C] - Elegant Frills by Temrin
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Featured Artists

:bulletyellow: Here is a list of all the featured artists in the group::bulletyellow:

Previous features: :iconshadowhog::iconjesonite::iconkayikoni::iconchevi::icontassy::iconuriko44::iconcrystalmew::iconnapkit::iconvic-d-salo::iconstelaris::iconrynies::iconalimika::iconkinasaur::iconthestoneycoyote::iconmoomanibe::iconwhitephox::iconjawzdawg::iconnoxypia::iconjeniak::iconcerena::iconblackbeastbaaron::icontysontan::iconhoshiberry::icondragoon86::icontuonenkalla:

Current: :icondeyvarah:

Featured Artist

Featured Artist:
(updated by Temrin on 9/12/2014)

The Mountain Sage by DeyVarahSemper Fi #2 - Welcome to Semper Fi by DeyVarahSemper Fi! by DeyVarahLonesong by DeyVarah

(Features will roll monthly, chosen by the maids!)

Our Mascot
Anthro NeXus: Entry 2010 by EvyCrystal

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